Health Publishing Australia

Health Publishing Australia publishes medical journals primarily for the benefit of general practitioners but also circulated to an array of relevant allied health professionals dependent on the journal.

Each journal has an independent Editorial Board of specialists in the respective medical field of focus. The Editorial Board identify the subjects to be addressed and nominate the best qualified specialist to write the respective articles. After being edited by the Medical Editor the articles are peer reviewed by the Editorial Board prior to publication.

Each Journal is the only regularly published medical journal dedicated and distributed on a complimentary basis to General Practitioners with an absolute clinical focus on the respective title.

The Titles include:

  • Diabetes Management Journal-(published on behalf of Diabetes Australia)
  • Cardiology in General Practice
  • Paediatrics and Child Health in General Practice
  • Geriatric Medicine in General Practice
  • Psychiatric Medicine in General Practice
  • Pain Management in General Practice